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Introduction to Solution Marketing

– By Steve Robins

Introduction to Solution Marketing - The Solution Marketing Blog

It’s pretty safe to say that until earlier this year, few if any people defined Solution Marketing. Sure, Solution Selling has been around for so long that it’s almost passé now.  And it seemed that just about every tech company offered solutions of some kind – be they functional or industry solutions.  But few if any folks had ever defined the process of solution marketing for technology.  That changed in February 2009 with the publication of this blog and the presentation, Introduction to Solution Marketing, which was first presented at the inaugural ProductCamp Boston.

Now I’ve updated the presentation.  Check it out at: 

Also, be sure to check out the Solution Marketing Best Practices presentation:

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Speaking Customer-ese

Power up your solution marketing with your new customer language skills.

Follow up post to Learn a New Language

– By Steve Robins

Yesterday, we talked about how to develop your customer/buyer/user language skills through a six part process in which you reviewed the target market, culture/jargon, market drivers, the business opportunity, and industry influencers.  Today we’ll talk more about the final phase, Translation. Continue reading

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Learn a New Language

Win New Customers: Speak Their Language

Learn your customer's language - The Solution Marketing Blog

– By Steve Robins

Six years running industry and solutions marketing at EMC Documentum underscored an important lesson for all solution marketers:

To engage on any level with business-oriented prospects, you need to speak their language and understand their business and culture.

From conducting research to developing new solutions to leading marketing and sales training – you must speak the same language as your customer in order to engage in meaningful dialog, to know what solutions they need, to market to them and to teach others to market and sell to them effectively.  And this post will help you to get there, in 6 steps.

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It’s the Business Problem, Stupid

A Lesson from AMD’s Consumer Solutions

– By Steve Robins

AMD Simplifies Chip Labeling

AMD Simplifies Chip Labeling (Source: TechSpot)

Several months ago, chipmaker AMD updated their consumer marketing to focus on the total value of their PC chips rather than the speeds and feeds that consumers often found confusing and nearly meaningless.  This case study offers a great lesson for solution marketers.

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