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Invention or Innovation?

– By Steve Robins

Innovation and Solution Marketing

New inventions are attractive.  They’re fresh, unique, clever, first — superlatives abound.  We admire inventions — and the people and companies that create them.

What’s Wrong?

That’s why many inventors and entrepreneurs are left wondering why their inventions haven’t been more successful.  The reason?  Too often they invent technologies that solve a problem that no one cares about or one that does not justify its expense.   Or perhaps they solve a problem but lack the right business model.  Clever and unique as they may be, unsuccessful inventions offer little value to the people who would buy them.   Continue reading



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Enterprise 2.0 Conference

Reflections from the Enterprise 2.0 Conference (E2Conf) in Boston

By: Steve Robins

Solutions 2.0? As a solution marketer, I’m always looking for trends that will affect our field. Web 2.0 and social media technologies have been broadly embraced outside the corporation.  Based on many of the same concepts, Enterprise 2.0 technologies — and solutions — are bound to have an effect on the enterprise and on all aspects of software marketing, including solution marketing.  The big question is how much?  That’s why I attended the Enterprise 2.0 Conference (E2Conf) last week in Boston.   Continue reading

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