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More than a Moustrap

“Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.”

Turns out, it takes more than a mousetrap for the world to beat a path to your door.  Check out this post on LinkedIn to read more.

Image by  Evan-Amos, via Wikimedia Commons

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The Value of Value

By Steve Robins

Value is Key to Solution Marketing

You might think that the most important aspect of marketing a solution would be what goes into it.  What goes into a solution are just a bunch of pieces, products, or components.  But value is about the benefit and cost of those components to the user or buyer.

Value is equal to the difference between perceived benefit and total cost

More specifically, value is equal to the difference between (1) the benefit as perceived by the user and (2) the total cost of the solution.  By perception I mean that the user or buyer must appreciate and want the resulting benefit.  In fact, if they don’t perceive it as a benefit to them, it’s not a benefit but is instead just a useless feature.

Value is interesting in many ways, some of which are counterintuitive and not so obvious.  Following are a few important examples – both obvious and not so obvious. Continue reading

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Netflix: It’s About the Customer Strategy, Stupid – Part II

By Steve Robins

Six Solution Marketing Lessons from Netflix

As I mentioned at the end of the last post, Netflix: It’s the Customer, Stupid, Netflix’s recent misadventure is a cautionary tale for solution marketers.  Following are a six key lessons:

#1: As a vendor or service provider, technology upgrades are good.

So, if you rent DVDs and know the market will eventually transition to video on demand, you need to offer video on demand as well – just as Netflx does today.  Streaming is proven and consumers will demand it.  It’s not a matter of if, but when.  However…

#2: Consumers and customers do not share your company’s timetable

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Netflix: It’s the Customer, Stupid, Part I

By Steve Robins

Netflix loses sight of their most important asset: the subscriber

If you’ve read The Solution Marketing Blog for a while, you know that business (or consumer) problems tend to remain fairly constant while the technologies and solutions to those problems tend to advance at a more rapid pace.  That’s one reason why most problems have multiple solutions.  And it’s why dominating a market today does not guarantee dominance forever.  Just ask General Cinema (General Who?) or Blockbuster or, well, you get the point.

So, if you’re a savvy solution marketer, you realize that today’s hot technology or medium will eventually be replaced by another. Continue reading


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It’s About Content Consumption

– By Steve Robins

R.I.P. The Flip

Earlier today, Cisco shut down the Flip Video division.  How a product could go from must-have to shut-down in 4 years is incredible.  Surely, it has something to do with the fact that Cisco is not a consumer products company – that’s just not in their DNA: they don’t have the expertise, understanding or willingness to run a division as a consumer products division.

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Hire for Success

– By Steve Robins

Building a Successful Solution Marketing Function

The last post described how to start an industry and solutions marketing function, based on my own experience.  Today’s post will cover staffing for solution marketing in an enterprise (B2B) software company.  Many of these same concepts apply to B2B marketing in general.  I’ve even included a link to a sample job description (see below).   Continue reading

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Getting Started in Industry and Solutions Marketing in 7 Steps

– By Steve Robins

7 Steps to Success

Lately, I’ve come across the following question a few times:

How do I get started in industry marketing?

Today, I’ll share tips based on nearly six years of starting and then running the industry and solutions marketing function for an enterprise software company.  I’m proud of the work that my team and I accomplished, which was emulated by other companies in our industry.

As you might suspect, industry marketing is a subset of solution marketing, focused on specific verticals such as financial services or government or energy.  Solution marketing principles apply to industry marketing as well.  Following are 7 steps to get started in industry marketing.    Continue reading

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