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The word “solution” may just be the most over-used and least understood term in the English language (or in Techno-English). This blog is dedicated to defining, understanding and sharing information and trends about software solution marketing.

Steve Robins

SteveSteve Robins has been helping companies to transform their marketing focus from technology platforms to valuable customer solutions — for over 15 years as a consultant, tech analyst and marketing leader at FirstBest Systems, EMC Documentum, KANA and The Yankee Group.

Steve has broad experience across marketing including solution, product and industry marketing, as well as strategy, messaging, modern marketing, demand creation, social media/inbound marketing, awareness marketing, partner marketing, PR, AR, Web/direct marketing, marcomm, product management, and more. Steve is an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional.

Steve Robins founded the strategic marketing consultancy, Solution Marketing Strategies to help companies to market targeted business solutions to engage customers and drive sales. Steve also writes a column on marketing technology for TechTarget SearchCRM.  Steve was the VP of marketing at FirstBest Systems, the leading provider of front office and underwriting solutions for global commercial insurance carriers, where he led the company’s marketing function including e-marketing, marcomm, product marketing, PR/AR/comms.

Earlier, Steve was Director of Industry and Solutions Marketing for EMC Documentum content management offerings, where he re-established the industry marketing function. Previously, Steve was Vice President of Product Marketing and Vice President of Partner Development at KANA Software, a top CRM provider.  Earlier, Steve was a senior analyst at The Yankee Group, researching and consulting on web applications. Steve authored several “first reports” on emerging web technologies and in 1999, he chaired one of the first conferences on corporate portals.


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  1. Hey Steve, congrats on the new blog. It looks great! I will check back often and no doubt participate in some discussions. You can check out my new blog at http://endusercomputing.org , which is focused on educating companies about the risk associated with end-user computing (a.k.a. using uncontrolled spreadsheets for mission critical processes like equities trading or closing the books).

    • snrobins

      Thanks Eric – you have a great blog – best of luck. — Steve

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