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The Second Chasm

– By Steve Robins

Prospects Need to Cross a Chasm Too

If you’re in software marketing, you’re aware of Geoffrey Moore’s book, Crossing the Chasm.  The premise of the book, born out at companies like Oracle and Documentum (since acquired by EMC) is that companies must evolve and cross the “chasm” as they move from serving the early adopters to serving the larger and more lucrative early majority.  That’s the “first chasm.”

The Second Chasm

But there’s actually a second, less-known chasm that relates to the first.  The second chasm is crossed not by your company, but by your prospects.  To be successful, your software company needs to help prospects to make that leap too.  Failure to do so may prevent your company from crossing the first chasm.   Continue reading


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– By Steve Robins

The 5 Solution Requirements

Let’s face it, the word “solution” is often derided.  Why?  Because all too often, marketers and tech companies act as if adding the word “solution” to the end of an offering immediately transforms it into a solution.  And they’d be wrong.

So what makes a solution a solution? Continue reading

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Solution Frameworks Shorten the Last Mile

Platforms or Applications?

Solution Frameworks Combine the Best of Both

— By Steve Robins

A few weeks back I attended a discussion by Alan Treffler, CEO of Pegasystems at the Vilnu Shul in Boston.  Treffler described Pega’s decision to focus on frameworks atop their platform rather than applications.  Let’s take a deeper look at software platforms, frameworks, and applications.   Continue reading


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