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Product Marketing in an Agile Environment – Recap from ProductCamp Boston

Reprinted from Gail Ferreira’s B2B Solution Marketing Insights Blog with changes

agileEd note: My biggest takeaway from this discussion was that marketing/product marketing needs to contribute strategically to the roadmap (even in an agile environment).  The roadmap needs to work not only to support customers and prospects but also marketing launches and timeframes (which of course also support customers and prospects as well).  -Steve Robins

ProductCamp Boston 2013 was again another great event!  From a discussion facilitated by Steve Robins, I wanted to share some insights on “Product Marketing in an Agile Environment”.

Agile processes do impact marketing, particularly when product roadmaps don’t proceed as anticipated.  For example, using Steve’s company as an example, he noted that:   Continue reading


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New Twibe – SolutionMarketing

OK, I can barely say it seriously BUT I did just start a new Solution Marketing “Twibe“, a common interest group on Twitter.  It’s similar to Solution Marketing Pros on LinkedIn.  As I mentioned in my last post, you have to go where your community is, so if folks are in Twitter, then Solution Marketing needs to be there too!

Become one of the first to join – see http://www.twibes.com/group/SolutionMarketing.

— Steve

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Twitter on Salesforce.com: Technologies Change But Business Problems Don’t

By: Steve Robins

In over ten years of marketing solutions, I’ve learned, well, a great deal. Lesson #267 (give or take): technologies change quickly BUT many general business problems evolve at a much slower rate. Continue reading


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Solution Marketing Research

It seems like everyone’s doing solution marketing — but industry best practices are in short supply. That’s why I started this blog – and that’s why I’m going to be conducting primary research on solution marketing.

But I need YOUR input! Read on

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Comparing Products and Solutions

You would think that if you had a great product everyone would buy it.  After all, your product might have all of the features that customers have been asking for – it’s probably  innovative, new, fast, better than the competition’s, etc etc.  In some cases that works but all too often it doesn’t. Why?  

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