Comparing Products and Solutions

You would think that if you had a great product everyone would buy it.  After all, your product might have all of the features that customers have been asking for – it’s probably  innovative, new, fast, better than the competition’s, etc etc.  In some cases that works but all too often it doesn’t. Why?  

As it turns out, companies and consumers aren’t just looking to just buy products. Rather, they’re looking for solutions to their problems.When you offer a solution, you’re taking a broader view of what the customer needs. It’s no longer just about your product. In fact, solutions go way beyond your products to include other products, services, training, support – in short, everything that the customer needs to successfully solve their problem.

Solutions can include:

  • Products – Both yours’ and your partners’ products, with enhancements to solve the customers’ particular problem.
  • Services – Everything from strategy to assessments, process reengineering and optimization to custom development, customization and integration. Includes process and operational expertise as well as best practices.
  • Training and Education – For users and administrators.
  • Customer Service and Support – To keep systems running.
  • Integration – A combination of products and services that enables a solution that is internally integrated and is also integrated into legacy and other existing systems.

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