Social Media & YOU – ProductCamp Boston

– By Steve Robins

ProductCamp Boston

The Impact of Social Media on Product Management and Product Marketing

Session abstract: Continue the social media dialog from the fall ProductCamp. How are you using social media to support product management/ product marketing? Share best practices, lessons learned, challenges, and solutions.

Thanks to everyone that attended the ProductCamp Boston session, Social Media and YOU.  Following is additional information.

  • Twitter list. I’m setting up a Twitter list for anyone interested in social media attendees.  To be included, send a tweet to @SteveRobins.
  • Social Media & YOU LinkedIn sub-group – now live!
    • Join the Social Media & YOU group
    • Description: How are you using social media as part of your product marketing and product management strategy? Share best practices, lessons learned, challenges and solutions with your peers. And ask questions – we’re here to help!
    • Update: the group went live on May 30.
  • Much more information. Check out my extensive post from the November ’09 ProductCamp, which will answer many of Saturday’s questions including sentiment analysis.  Lots of great information.
  • Check out additional social media posts on this blog.

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and thanks to the organizers for another great ProductCamp!



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