BMW Makes Joy. And You?

– By Steve Robins

Does Your Company Make and Sell a Solution?  Or a Product?

Rather than focusing on feeds and speeds, competitive comparisons, or sexy features, BMW’s Joy campaign focuses on the benefit that the entire automotive solution provides to BMW drivers: Joy.

“We realized a long time ago that what you make people feel is as important as what you make, and at BMW we don’t just makes cars, we make joy.”

As Ad Age stated,

In 2010 BMW embarked on one of its biggest branding campaigns to date. A new theme, “The Joy of Driving,” was integrated into every television, digital and print ad as well as event and team sponsorships. The theme shifted the focus from the car to the car owner.

Ad Age, Sept 20, 2010

In other words, BMW has shifted from focusing on the product, The Ultimate Driving Machine – to its benefit, Joy.

Think of how this contrasts with other brands: Volvo = Safety.  Toyota = Reliability (recent issues aside).  And Joy is a great starting point for people just learning about the brand.  The message is simple: “If driving joy is important to you, then BMW must be the auto brand for you” (price notwithstanding).

Think beyond your product and its features to see its impact on customers and users, and you’ll be able to convey the joy that you provide as well.

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