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The Skinny: Solution Taglines

By: Steve Robins

A major part of solution marketing is, well, marketing the solution.  And a very small part of marketing (tongue in cheek) is the tagline.  Actually, the tagline is not really so small.  The tagline succinctly describes the value of your solution.  The tagline attracts attention.  It creates interest and draws people in to learn more.  And it’s memorable.  

But do taglines really matter for solutions?  If you want to attract attention, create interest, and have folks remember your solution, taglines can definitely help.  Think of the tagline as the simple, attention-grabbing statement at the top of your collateral, at the start and end of a slide deck, as a header on your website.

At the same time, if you want them to be taken seriously, solution taglines shouldn’t be too clever or fluffy.  Focus on the business value of your solution, without distracting from it.

For more on taglines, check out this great (and succinct) post from the Kherize5 blog: 9 Tips for Creating Great Taglines.

Update: The “9 Tips…” link has now been updated (2/1/2010)

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