Keynote at ProductCamp Boston: The Invisible Customer

By Steve Robins

Join me On June 9 at Microsoft Cambridge for ProductCamp Boston 2012!

ProductCamp BostonI’ve always been passionate about ProductCamp – I’ve been speaking at ProductCamp Boston since it began in 2009 and have been leading the marketing team since 2011.  So I’m very honored to be delivering the keynote presentation this year.

The theme for ProductCamp Boston 2012 is Customers First!  And it’s a fitting theme since customers are so central to the success of our products and solutions, companies, and even our careers.

But as important as they are, sometimes customers can seem to be, well, invisible!  Do you ever wonder why no one seems to really understand your customers? How often do you and your colleagues speak with customers? Do you focus only on customer feature requests instead of solving their challenges? Do you find customers confusing?

This year’s ProductCamp Boston keynote presentation will help you to answer these questions and others.  Entitled, The Invisible Customerthe keynote will show attendees how to cure Invisible Customer Syndrome. You’ll learn how to identify, understand and better serve current and prospective customer users, buyers and influencers. Get visibility into what’s really driving your customers. And gain a fresh perspective on how to create new, customer-driven opportunities that produce additional revenue streams.

Sound interesting?  Great – I encourage you to register for ProductCamp today to reserve your space and learn more about ProductCamp.  And click here to learn more about the keynote.

I hope to see YOU at ProductCamp Boston at the Microsoft New England Research & Development (N.E.R.D.) Center in Cambridge on Saturday, June 9!  And don’t forget to follow PCamp on Twitter @PCampBoston and #PCampBoston.


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