Blogging Gets Serious

– By Steve Robins

Younger Readers Flock to Facebook

Who’s reading your blog?  According to a recent NY Times article, Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter, younger bloggers and readers are moving from blogging to more social and easier to use platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Access: go where the readers are. Effective marketing is all about going where the prospects are.  In fact, one of the core tents of solution marketing is that instead of forcing users to go where you want them to go ( “Place” in traditional marketing), you need to go where the users are (empowering them to “access” your product and message as they wish).  So if your readers are youthful, you’ll probably want to have a presence on social media platforms like Facebook.  Otherwise, blogging can work well.

Blogging gets serious. The other side of this is that, increasingly, blogging may be taking on a more serious tone – as a powerful business tool that solution marketers can use to create thought leadership and communicate with a serious business audience.
Tell us what you think! How does your company use blogs today?

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