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By: Steve Robins

The Solution Demo Series, Part IV

This is the fourth part of the Solution Demo Series.  Check back for additional posts (see end of post for complete list).  Also, be sure to check out the last post, Elements of a Great Solution Demo.


Solution demos are a key aspect of a sound solution marketing strategy.  Following are great resources on demos, although many are more focused on product demos than solution demos.

Tips on giving demos to bloggers, press and analysts

General demo advice


Check back in coming days for additional posts:

The Solution Demo Series

Part I: Getting Started with Solution Demos.
Part II: Strategizing the Solution Demo. Understand your audience and determine goals before you develop the solution demo.
Part III: Elements of a Great Solution Demo. Build and deliver a great demo that your audience will value.
Part IV: Solution Demo Resources. Links to selected demo resources – articles and demo companies.
Part V: Solution Demo Checklist. Answer these strategic questions and you’ll be ready to develop a great solution demo.


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