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Think Like Your Customer

The Key To Solution Marketing: Understand the Customer

By: Steve Robins

I came across a great blog post, How to Use the Secret Desires of Your Customers on Michael Martine’s Remarkablogger.  While the post is about blogging, it also applies to solution marketing.   Continue reading


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IBM and Content Analytics

Solution Technology Trends

By: Steve Robins

From time to time, I comment on interesting technology trends.  As a solution marketer, these are useful trends to watch.  One such trend is content analyticsContinue reading


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Twitter and Customer Innovation

Solutions solve customer problems.  And so it stands to reason that those customers or software users probably know a thing or two about their problems.  They might even have a few novel ideas about how to solve their problems.  And they need you, the solution provider, to build complete solutions that combine the ideas and best practices of customers and users, along with your company’s innovative software and services.

Solution Innovation - The Solution Marketing Blog

It's about the customer

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Solution Demo Resources

By: Steve Robins

The Solution Demo Series, Part IV

This is the fourth part of the Solution Demo Series.  Check back for additional posts (see end of post for complete list).  Also, be sure to check out the last post, Elements of a Great Solution Demo.


Solution demos are a key aspect of a sound solution marketing strategy.  Following are great resources on demos, although many are more focused on product demos than solution demos. Continue reading

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