Session at ProductCamp: Grow Your Business in New Ways

ProductCamp BostonJust added – new session at ProductCamp Boston! Once again, I’ll be leading a session at ProductCamp Boston, one of the three largest ProductCamps in the world. I hope you’ll join me at ProductCamp for this presentation. See below for registration details. I hope you’ll also join me for the ProductCamp session on Marketing 3.0.

Grow Your Business in New Ways

Saturday 2nd May, 2015 – 12:45 to 1:35pm (EST)
Microsoft NERD Center, Vitruvius (10th floor – conference room on far side from where lunch is served)

It’s no surprise that we “product people” often focus all of our thinking around our products… growing our product’s revenue, expanding our product’s footprint, how to get more people and more companies to buy our product, etc.

But when you step away from that product focus, you begin to see vast new revenue opportunities that you never knew existed. Join us as we explore a new way of thinking about your customers and the markets you serve. Along the way, we’ll learn powerful lessons from leading companies like Apple, Netflix and others.

About ProductCamp Boston

ProductCamp Boston is the only full-day unconference for product managers and product marketers in the Boston area. Because it’s an unconference, ProductCamp is organized by attendees, for attendees so you can get the most out of the day. Over 400 product management, product marketing professionals, developers, entrepreneurs, students and industry thought-leaders come together to network, share and learn about product management, product development, market trends, product marketing, startups, product design, career development, and more. ProductCamp website | Register for ProductCamp Boston

About Steve Robins

Steve Robins is the principal of Solution Marketing Strategies. For the last 15 years, Steve Robins has been transforming technology firms into market-leading, customer-focused solution providers. He’s held senior marketing roles at FirstBest Systems, EMC Documentum, and KANA Software. An industry thought-leader, Steve started the top-rated solution marketing blog, writes a marketing tech column for TechTarget, and has co-chaired the ProductCamp Boston unconference for several years.


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