More To Come!

As you may have guessed, this is a new blog.  But there’s a whole lot to write about the subject of software solution marketing.  I’m planning to write an entry at least once each week and will be following software solution marketing – and general solution developments as they happen.  Check back soon for additional topics such as:  

Software Solution Marketing Topics

  • More details on SIVA – Solution – Information – Value – Access
  • When solutions make sense – and when they don’t.  Mapping the solution opportunity to the technology adoption life cycle/Crossing the Chasm.
  • How to diagnose a solution problem.
  • Ensuring organizational alignment for success.
  • Learning from IBM, Chuck E. Cheese’s, Hyundai and Amazon.
  • Software solution marketing trends.
  • Comparisons of different vendor approaches to solutions.
  • Solution Marketing and Solution Selling
  • …and more!

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One response to “More To Come!

  1. Timothée Wirth

    I enjoy the topic and focus… As always, Steve relentless focus to the pursuit of truth is a facette of him that I admire. Solutions are all things to all men. I like the “Solution” definition from the perspective of the Customer. It is all a matter of “perception”. As the Customer’s Perception is our (the vendor) reality, we better get to a deep understanding of our customer’s perception as quickly a possible… But what does it take to understand one’s perception of a situation, problem or pain? Marketers think in term of market segment. Does a market segment have a perception? Customers are human beeings. Buyers are human beeings. I have the feeling that the challenge is not really on the product marketing side but rather on the Solution Selling side of the equation… my 2 cents.

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